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We're exited founders working on our next gig - on the side we solve problems and quickly boost revenue for pre-series A startups.

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Mix & Match Full-Stack Growth Services


Fractional Head Of Growth

We come in and lead your growth team in a weekly cadence (used by Science Inc. and 500 Startups) to measure and grow the metrics that matter. The #1 goal here = SPEED.


Buy and Manage Digital Ads

If you don't have someone on your team, my contractors can actually test and execute the ads on whatever platform you need: Facebook, LinkedIN, Google, etc...


Design, Photo, & Video

Need a creative on your team? We can design the landing pages, write copy, shoot and edit photos / videos - whatever you need to make your brand come alive. We won't win any awards for our creative, but we WILL get you to $2mil ARR.

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The work I do,
and businesses I help.

Being a founder is lonely job.
I hope to be a friend in the process.

Blake is that rare person who combines creative problem solving with deep, thorough, analytical tools and experience.

I highly recommend him as a partner to help with a wide range of business challenges and opportunities."

Jeremy Pryor


First-time fundraising is like going out on the golf course for the first time. You need a coach to explain the rules in order to succeed.

Having a fundraise coach is the same thing - We wouldn’t have a fair shot of fundraising without Blake’s perspective and that has been invaluable to us.

Meg Pryde


Blake provided Ocusell with structure, guidance & insight to streamline a complicated process.

Through the carefully planned exercises and diligent coaching, we were able to pitch our start-up in a way which maximized our value to the investor. If you are a start-up preparing to raise capital, I highly suggest having Blake in your corner.

Hayden Rieveschl


It’s hard to quantify exactly, but 1 hour with Blake equates to about 4 weeks of 'do-it-yourself' research.

I will def be working with Blake on all our fundraising needs far into the future.

Taylor Romero


A few things
clients normally ask me:

If you’re such a successful founder,
why are you renting out your time?

Good question - but frankly I don’t like your tone. Jk. Selling Cladwell after 7 years wasn’t this amazing financial outcome for me - but the team and product had a home and I came away with a lot of learning (more here if you want some deets). Anyway - I figure with a couple hrs I can drastically help other startups, and it allows me to kick fundraising for my current startup down the road a bit.

Do you invest? Do you work for equity?

Long term I want to switch from doing any services for $’s and switch to more angel investing and services for equity. So short answer - yes - but less right now than I plan to do in the coming years.

Do you charge for investor introductions?

Absolutely not. If you’re trying to meet someone in my network just email me and I’m happy to intro you for free. If someone is trying to charge for introductions RUN. That’s not what founders do. 

Do you do public speaking or podcasts?

Yes - I love teaching entrepreneurs about fundraising, growth, and the emotional journey of entrepreneurship. Feel free to email me at if you want to chat.

How does payment work?

For growth I offer fixed fee or a lower base fee + success. I can bring on contractors to augment your team as needed (or not). For fundraising I charge a monthly fee (I’m not a broker-dealer so I can’t take a success fee.) For that you get 1hr/week of coaching and unlimited text and email coaching.

Let me know if you want to to grow.

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